Workshops, Classes and Studio Time

Studio Time

Artists are invited to use our open studio space for painting Sun-Fri 11-4. Bring all of your own supplies. Studio fee is $5 per day. All single table space is 6 feet apart, and all current COVID required cleaning procedures, spacing and masking will be followed. Please clean your space before and after use, to keep all of our fellow artists safe and healthy.


All in house classes have been cancelled until further notice, due to COVID.

Ginger Blodgett will be teaching online watercolor classes. Contact Ginger directly at for more information.


Tony Couch 3 Day Watercolor Workshop

Date change: Feb. 19, 20 and 21, 2021

The Watercolor workshop is geared to the beginner, intermediate painter and professional alike…you’ll work hard but Tony Couch will show you how to have fun doing it. The eight Principles of Design will be cut down to size and each day you will see how they are applied to watercolor painting. You will learn something valuable and practice it on the spot, coming away with increased understanding and several watercolor paintings of your own of which you will be proud.

Watercolor classes generally start around 9:00 each morning. After a brief talk on the day’s objectives, Tony Couch will do a complete painting, telling you what he’s doing, as he does it, and why. The “mysteries” of design will be unraveled for you while you learn watercolor painting. At noon, we break for lunch, then YOU paint in the afternoon while what you have seen and learned is fresh in your mind, It is the fastest way to learn how to paint. At about 3:30 Tony critiques all the work produced during the day, including his own. It’s a time at which much is learned by all. By 5:00, we are finished. Of course, you may come and go as you wish at any time, and Tony will critique your work early if you’ve finished and have to leave earlier.

Dates: Feb. 19, 20 and 21, 2021 9:00-5:00 p.m.

Contact: Art On The Columbia: 509 579 4278 or

Eric Wiegardt Painterly Watercolors 3 Day Workshop 2 Sessions March 14-16, and March 17-19, 2021

This is your unique opportunity to paint with Eric. Eric’s workshops are designed to loosen up even the tightest painter and break the niggling detail habit. Painting loose is much more than a technique. It requires an understanding of specific design concepts in order to free one’s mind. Each day, Eric will focus on one of these principles. He will show how to construct a beautiful painting in one sitting, and free creative thinking from cumbersome theories of color and composition. There will be time for individual instruction in a relaxed atmosphere. A variety of subjects will be painted which may include landscapes, marinescapes, florals, streetscapes and still life. Eric Wiegardt AWS-DF, NWS, has taught over 5,000 watercolorists his popular PAINTING LOOSELY workshops. To learn more about Eric’s art and workshops, check out:

Dates: March 14-16, 2021 and March 17-19, 2021 (2 sessions) COST: $350 per session

Contact: Art On The Columbia: 509 579 4278 or

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