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April 4, 2020 @ 10:00 am – April 5, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Art on the Columbia
830 N Columbia Center Blvd B2
Kennewick, WA 99336
Art on the Columbia
Going with the Flow of Watercolor

Instructor: Leslie Redhead

Discover the excitement and joy of poured watercolors. Leslie Lambert Redhead will show how to produce luminous works by painting and layering with flowing pigments. This is done with thoughtful planning and design that works well with the freedom of poured paint.

To sign up, please email us at or call us at 509-579-4278 and give us your email, phone number, address, and the full $250 to reserve your spot.


I use Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith brands but any professional brand of watercolor paint will work. Only 3 primary colors will be used for this workshop. You may use any yellow, red, or blue that you prefer from the suggested list below:

Please only choose 3 colors!

Yellows Reds Blues
Winsor Yellow/Lemon (WN) Quinacridone Rose (DS) Winsor Blue (green shade-WN)
Transparent Yellow (WN) Quinacridone Red (DS) Thalo Blue (same as Winsor Blue)
Cadmium Yellow Pale/Light Permanent Rose (WN)(is same as quinacridone rose) Indathrene Blue (DS)
Aureolin Winsor Red (WN)
Permanent Alizarin Crimson



½ sheet (15×22”) of 140lb or 300 lb of 100% cotton watercolor paper. I prefer Arches but the most important thing is that it is 100% cotton! Some of the less expensive brands have wood pulp in the fibers and do not work as well. Please have paper stretched to a board. I use a 18×24” board that has been painted so the chemicals don’t leach from board to paper.  To stretch, soak paper in a cold water bath 2-5 min each side and staple to a board. Leave flat to dry at least 24 hours.


There is a lot of time spent waiting for things to dry and others to take their turn pouring. You are always welcome to bring another painting to work on while waiting for the first one to dry.


Good quality #6 or #8 round watercolor brush, a 2″ hake or wash brush, and an old, inexpensive brush to use for mixing paint and lifting.



3 small containers to mix paint in (I use laundry scoopers or dollar store measuring cups)


Water container


Ballpoint pen, pencil and eraser

Masking tape

Paper towels

New bottle of Art Masking Fluid (Winsor & Newton is the best)

Transfer (graphite) paper (optional) – I will have some if you do not have any.

Ruling pen (optional) Alvin 958 professional is the best and is found on Amazon

Blow dryer (optional)

Ruler (optional)